Induction Video

The walking track is the first of many initiatives by the BCDA to create a resource for the community, that allows a safe, scenic, fun and enjoyable leisure walk for the  members.

The walk has two distinct sections. Starting at the village the track brings you through the neighbourhoods of  Bellewood, The Cottages, The Grove, The Glen and along the perimeter of the golf course to the driving range.  Access, from this point on, is controlled by use of an electronic gate system for which members will receive a key fob.  The walking track route through the golf course is 3.2kms. Winding its way through the tree lined fairways to the highest point of the course with lovely views all around.  Please pay particular attention to the Stop Signs.  There are two parts of the route where the walking track meets the golf course.  Golfers have right of way so only proceed when safe to do so.

As you enjoy a safe walk through this section of the track, please keep in mind the following:

  • Walkers must keep to the marked pathways;
  • Children U18 must be accompanied by parents/guardians;
  • Dogs must be leashed and soiling collected and disposed of appropriately;
  • Footwear should be suitable for country surfaces;
  • Golfers have right-of-way;
  • Pay heed to signage and safety rules;
  • Be alert to the presence of work vehicles and golf carts;
  • No amplified music;
  • No littering;
  • No loitering;
  • No cycling;
  • No motorised vehicles.

Respect and a positive attitude to safety by all users will ensure the success of your walking club in to the future.